PostHeaderIcon Things we learned from day five – US start well

Another day, another dose of World Cup drama in Brazil.

First up came the latest entry in a series fans are calling the Great Humblings, with Germany making the portugese look out of all sorts. Clearl;y they were facing a Portugal where Ronaldo must have been only 50% fit.   Also, Pepe once again played the pantomine villain as he was sent off for the upteenth time after a confrontation with Bayern Munich’s Mueller. How many times is Pepe going to act so ignorantly, as he has already done it a few times in his career with a big club with Madrid.  Early signs are that Mueller will thrive in this world cup and he will score many goals for Germknay in Brazil. They havbe another two easy games in their dictionary and with already eight goals in world cups, he could even go on and break all the world cup goal scoring records.

Germany also looked awesome even without their Bayern Munich playmanker Marco Reus. They did not miss him whatsoever and they alwyas had great penetration, even when they were playing 11 vs 11 on the field.

Then, after a brief Nigeria-Iran-shaped lull, as was expected the two most boring teams of the world cup had really nothing to show. What a shame for the big crowd that turned up in Curutiba and they roared both teams on at the end. At the end of the match the supporters, who paid good money booed both teams as they were coming off the pitch.

After 90 brutal minutes of end-to-end action, the United States emerged with a thrilling 2-1 win over Ghana and coach Jurgen Klinsmann praised his team’s fighting spirit.

“We fight to the last second,” Klinsmann said. “It was a grind but a wonderful win at the end of the day. There are undoubtedly things that we need to improve on. The U.S. team always has a great spirit.”



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