PostHeaderIcon Netherlands proceeds to the next round after a comeback

Netherlands recorded their second win of the 2014 World Cup after the first game of today’s program celebrated over Australia 3-2. “Tulips” came to a desired three points, but Australia only deserves compliments for his edition of today’s battle, given the great militancy, and quality that showed “kangaroos” against reigning world viceprvak. Australians had even the score 1-2 at the start of the second half, but the experience and the quality of the Dutch proved to work when it was most needed, “tulips” have turned the result in their favor and they paved the way to the eightfinals.

The match began with leveled playing both sides, and the Australians immediately made it clear they do not intend to obey the great favorite. Arjen Robben fired the first chance of the “Tulip” in the lead with a shot, but the joy of reigning world silver medalist last too short, only a minute later catch up with Australia’s Tim Cahill fantastic goal, the best one according to many experst so far at this stage of the World Cup.This kind of developments as to give wings to “kangaroo” that were better opponent for the remainder of the half, failing tremendous opportunity to take the lead through Breschiano.

Australia was better and at  the start of the second part, and the Australians  were awarded a penalty Jedinak turn to outsiders ahead of this match. Dutch acted confused, but at the right moment they wake Depaj Memphis, the player who entered the game at the end of the first half in place of the injured Martin Indies. Depaj first corner knocked Van Persie for scoring the 2-2 equalizer before himself to write to the scorer with shot after a weak intervention keeper.

The third goal gave wings to the Dutch finally dance as they can by themselves, elected Louis van Gaal danced in its distinctive rhythm, created several chances but failed to reach a fourth goal. It must be emphasized that the yellow card earned Robin van Persie, for which the best Dutch striker will miss the match against Chile in the third round.

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