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PostHeaderIcon Croatia trash Cameroon

Representation of Croatia remained in contention for berths for the eightfinals  this World Cup after sweeping celebrated tonight selection over Cameroon 4-0. “Croatians” expresly  left behind because of the disappointment that unjust loss to Brazil, played a quality game and deservedly reached his first World Cup victory after a break of 12 years.

Ivica Olic was once again the hero of his squad after eleven minutes in goal after excellent addition Perisic. Elected by Niko Kovac routinely controlled the game in the first half, and further work to facilitate Alex Song, who for deliberately kicking the ball Mario Mandzhukikj earn a direct red card.

Dilemmas about the  winner was determined at the start of the second half when the ball Perisic excellent solo action with a routine reply. As the time went on, so chances before the streak and gave Itanzhe, who had for the third time to the network retrieves the ball after a clear header by Mario Mandzukic.  Bayern Munich player  in 73rd minute scored for 4-0 and increased after the adjacent realized soon rejected Itanzhe the ball after trying to Eduardo. At the finish of Croatia had several excellent chances for a fifth goal but Rakitik.Eduardo and Rebic were not accurate in their attempts.

Croatian national team with this triumph remained in third place in the table in Group A, and the ranking of eightfinals  elected by Niko Kovac will be necessary in the final round triumph over the selection of Mexico.

PostHeaderIcon Adios World Champion

Spain as the current world and European champions into this World Cup came as one of the favorites for the trophy, and therefore such a big shock when the “red fury” has already played two rounds is eliminated from the world cup. After the shameful issue against the Netherlands, Spanish aces fauked ti wub tonight tge match against Chile and lost 0-2 to deservedly will begin to pack the bags before the third match with Australia. Del Bosque made a few castling on the team, but again no result, the Spaniards did not used those few chances they created, the opposing penalty bezmilisno were punished for failures, so the “red fury” and repeated the story of the French in 2002, when ” frenchmen “as current world champions since 1998 have failed to pass the first stage in Japan and South Korea.

Spaniards clearly motivated entered the match, easily seized several balls of the half, but was in vain when they failed to find the back of the net. Xabi Alonso missed the most wonderful chance when five or six feet shot straight at the keeper after the penalty reached the opposite – Chileans fantastic bound few precise passes, the ball on the edge of confront reached Edu Vargas, who play with Iker Kasiljas before placed the ball into his net.

Such developments only further shocked elected del Bosque, who are faced with the problem to find the desired rhythm. Chile patiently waited another chance, and when she pointed out, maximum use. Alexis Sanchez great free kick, the ball Kasiljas rejected, but she reached Aranguiz, who shot a fantastic boost for the South American Selection 2-0 against reigning world champion.

Del Bosque on the half put the game Koke replacing Xabi Alonso, after which Spain went on full offensive. “Red” could easily get back into the match in the first ten minutes of the second half, but Diego Costa and Buskets are adopting from ideal positions in the box.

Inability of the Spaniards grew more than one minute, and Del Bosque regardless of the fact that he had nothing to lose, with the entry of a Torres withdrew Diego Costa, not opting for total offensive. Chile in the 68th minute could resolve all dilemmas, but Isla just a few meters bevel instead of the empty net, lifted the ball over the crossbar. Instead of the penalty area Chile, chances are streak before Kasiljas shot, but it became clear that Spain would not force a comeback, so elected del Bosque absolutely deserved diminished to return to their homeland, after you play a match with Australia, which will I solved the issue for the winner of the third place in Group B.

No drop six minutes overtime meant too much for the Spanish national team, Ramos missed a great opportunity to get in at least uncertain finish, so Chile’s absolutely deserved to get his second win to secure placement in eightfinals. The Chileans now all they battle with the Netherlands for first place in the group, which will also mean avoiding Brazil as a rival at the start of the second stage of the world championship.

PostHeaderIcon Netherlands proceeds to the next round after a comeback

Netherlands recorded their second win of the 2014 World Cup after the first game of today’s program celebrated over Australia 3-2. “Tulips” came to a desired three points, but Australia only deserves compliments for his edition of today’s battle, given the great militancy, and quality that showed “kangaroos” against reigning world viceprvak. Australians had even the score 1-2 at the start of the second half, but the experience and the quality of the Dutch proved to work when it was most needed, “tulips” have turned the result in their favor and they paved the way to the eightfinals.

The match began with leveled playing both sides, and the Australians immediately made it clear they do not intend to obey the great favorite. Arjen Robben fired the first chance of the “Tulip” in the lead with a shot, but the joy of reigning world silver medalist last too short, only a minute later catch up with Australia’s Tim Cahill fantastic goal, the best one according to many experst so far at this stage of the World Cup.This kind of developments as to give wings to “kangaroo” that were better opponent for the remainder of the half, failing tremendous opportunity to take the lead through Breschiano.

Australia was better and at  the start of the second part, and the Australians  were awarded a penalty Jedinak turn to outsiders ahead of this match. Dutch acted confused, but at the right moment they wake Depaj Memphis, the player who entered the game at the end of the first half in place of the injured Martin Indies. Depaj first corner knocked Van Persie for scoring the 2-2 equalizer before himself to write to the scorer with shot after a weak intervention keeper.

The third goal gave wings to the Dutch finally dance as they can by themselves, elected Louis van Gaal danced in its distinctive rhythm, created several chances but failed to reach a fourth goal. It must be emphasized that the yellow card earned Robin van Persie, for which the best Dutch striker will miss the match against Chile in the third round.

PostHeaderIcon Spain to return to ‘false 9′ with Fabregas starting

Spain will spring a surprise today in their starting line up as they will be dropping Diego Costa, to replace with a false number 9 in Cesc Fabregas.  Vincent Del Bosque is considering taking this risk as Spain today have no option but to win against a stroing Chile side.  SPain, who were so dissapointing in their opening game, will go back to the tactic that served so well for Del Bosque two years ago in the last european cup that will see Fabregas being the most advanced player on the field for Spain.

Juan Mata is also in consideration for starting as David da Silva had a very dissapointing game and Del Bosque has not hid his dissapointment over the performance of the midfielder’s last game.

PostHeaderIcon Ochoa shines,Brazil fail to score

Brazil failed to beat Mexico. Much of it’s because the Mexican goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa, who made several fantastic interventions to tame dangerous flashes of Neymar and Thiago Silva. When the home fans already saw the ball in the net, he defended excellently, preventing the ball to his net.
In 26th minute Guillermo Ochoa dives superbly to block a header by Neymar from around the penalty spot. His effort was directed straight towards the left post, but Guillermo Ochoa pulls off a remarkable save!That was a brilliant piece of goalkeeping!
In 42nd minute Mexico threat.Jose Vazquez receives a quality pass and releases a rocket of a shot from distance. Unfortunately for him, his amazing effort goes just wide.
2 minutes later Thiago Silva finds Paulinho with a nice pass so he can go on towards the goal. Paulinho clutches his head in despair after he blew a huge opportunity! He received the ball from a free kick, took a good first touch and unleashed a projectile from close range to the middle of the goal, but Guillermo Ochoa makes a nice save.Again.
In 69th minute a nice lofted cross finds Neymar unmarked who takes an excellent touch, and he gets a shot off that goes to the bottom-right post, but the goalkeeper makes a brilliant save!
In 86th minute Guillermo Ochoa again makes a sensational save as he stops a header Thiago Silva produced from inside the penalty area. He latched on to a precise lofted pass, but failed to beat the goalkeeper with his attempt to the middle of the target.
Most of the fans probably aren’t overly pleased with the development of the game. It hasn’t been very exciting show. There wasn’t any evident superiority on either side today. The home team made a lot of passes and attempts to maintain possession. Players of the away team tried to constantly keep their opponents under pressure.

PostHeaderIcon Belgium lucky to beat Algeria

Another twist winning in the World Cup in Brazil, this time the first match of Group H in which Belgium celebrated against Algeria 2-1.
Mainly with not much ideas Belgians can be satisfied from the conquered three points that came up with more trouble than expected in the last 20 minutes of the meeting. Previously, whole 70 minutes, the elected of Vahid Halilhodzic was provided maximum strong resistance without ever subordinate role duel.
In 24th minute there was a very obvious holding by Jan Vertonghen. The referee immediately stopped the play for a foul. Algeria were given a penalty kick.A yellow card for a tackle by Jan Vertonghen (Belgium). Marco Rodriguez doesn’t hesitate at all to make this decision.Sofiane Feghouli (Algeria) cooly converts his spot-kick! He sends the ball low into the middle of the net and there was 1-0 for Algeria.They kept the lead till the half time with no problems at all.
In the second half,there was pretty boring football till the 70.minute when Kevin De Bruyne (Belgium) produces a superb lofted pass and the ball gets in the space where Marouane Fellaini (Belgium) latches on to it and from around the penalty spot plants his header past diving Rais Mbolhi (Algeria), bouncing in off the crossbar. He displays his eye for goal and evened the result 1:1.
In 80th minute another Goal for Belgium and complete turnaround.Eden Hazard (Belgium) provides Dries Mertens with a nice pass inside the box. It allows him to finish with a precise effort into the top right corner. 2:1.
We have been witnesses to an ordinary game without many stirring situations. There is a space for improvement in other games. Belgium players were controlling the game most of the time.They presented themselves with possession football and the away players focused especially on the well-organized defence.

PostHeaderIcon World Cup – who will win?

So far Brazil is looking like the leader to win this years World Cup but we can expect other teams such as Holland to do very well and possibly take home the prize.

PostHeaderIcon Things we learned from day five – US start well

Another day, another dose of World Cup drama in Brazil.

First up came the latest entry in a series fans are calling the Great Humblings, with Germany making the portugese look out of all sorts. Clearl;y they were facing a Portugal where Ronaldo must have been only 50% fit.   Also, Pepe once again played the pantomine villain as he was sent off for the upteenth time after a confrontation with Bayern Munich’s Mueller. How many times is Pepe going to act so ignorantly, as he has already done it a few times in his career with a big club with Madrid.  Early signs are that Mueller will thrive in this world cup and he will score many goals for Germknay in Brazil. They havbe another two easy games in their dictionary and with already eight goals in world cups, he could even go on and break all the world cup goal scoring records.

Germany also looked awesome even without their Bayern Munich playmanker Marco Reus. They did not miss him whatsoever and they alwyas had great penetration, even when they were playing 11 vs 11 on the field.

Then, after a brief Nigeria-Iran-shaped lull, as was expected the two most boring teams of the world cup had really nothing to show. What a shame for the big crowd that turned up in Curutiba and they roared both teams on at the end. At the end of the match the supporters, who paid good money booed both teams as they were coming off the pitch.

After 90 brutal minutes of end-to-end action, the United States emerged with a thrilling 2-1 win over Ghana and coach Jurgen Klinsmann praised his team’s fighting spirit.

“We fight to the last second,” Klinsmann said. “It was a grind but a wonderful win at the end of the day. There are undoubtedly things that we need to improve on. The U.S. team always has a great spirit.”



PostHeaderIcon Stream Costa Rica to win the world cup

With Costa Rica winning their first game of the world cup this places them in the top of the table for group D.  Has this underdog got a chance of taking home the main prize.  This is great news for those who bet on costa rica to win the world cup at 2500 to 1.  100 bet will win a staggering $250,000 prize.


PostHeaderIcon Argentina and Bosnia in the match of the day

Bosnian striker Edin Dzeko before leaving the World Cup in Brazil club Manchester City website said that the participation of the World Cup is a big achievement for BiH.

“I think that everyone has waited for the last 20 years, the national team to go to a major tournament. When it could happen in the eyes of people to see how happy the forgotten, for all the problems and swirled around that BiH play WC “. – Said Dzeko.

“Gauchos” against rookies will play the World Cup in Rio de Janeiro, the legendary stadium Marakana.

“I can not wait to play at Marakana, for the first time in my life. I want to have a good start to the tournament. We’re going to be, we want to win the trophy, it was always my dream, and the first match is crucial for realizing the dream. “-Massey said.

Match between Argentina and Bosnia and Hergegovina play tonight at midnight.



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