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PostHeaderIcon Paying off your Mortgage through betting on the World Cup

There are certain bets on the World Cup which offer some very high odds such as betting on Costa Rica to win the World Cup will win you $2,500 for every dollar wagered so a $100 bet will win you a staggering $250,000 which is enough money to pay off your mortgage. However the chance of them getting past even the first stage is extremely slim and even if they do they will probably be knocked out in the following stage.

Betting on England to win the World Cup which they already have done one will get you a nice return on investment at 25 to 1 odds. So a $100 bet will win you $2,500 which may not pay off your mortgage but certainly get you a nice vacation. However betting the favorite Brazil will get you $3 back for $1 wagered so a $100 bet will get you $300 which is still awesome as the chance of them winning is extremely high.

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