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Spain as the current world and European champions into this World Cup came as one of the favorites for the trophy, and therefore such a big shock when the “red fury” has already played two rounds is eliminated from the world cup. After the shameful issue against the Netherlands, Spanish aces fauked ti wub tonight tge match against Chile and lost 0-2 to deservedly will begin to pack the bags before the third match with Australia. Del Bosque made a few castling on the team, but again no result, the Spaniards did not used those few chances they created, the opposing penalty bezmilisno were punished for failures, so the “red fury” and repeated the story of the French in 2002, when ” frenchmen “as current world champions since 1998 have failed to pass the first stage in Japan and South Korea.

Spaniards clearly motivated entered the match, easily seized several balls of the half, but was in vain when they failed to find the back of the net. Xabi Alonso missed the most wonderful chance when five or six feet shot straight at the keeper after the penalty reached the opposite – Chileans fantastic bound few precise passes, the ball on the edge of confront reached Edu Vargas, who play with Iker Kasiljas before placed the ball into his net.

Such developments only further shocked elected del Bosque, who are faced with the problem to find the desired rhythm. Chile patiently waited another chance, and when she pointed out, maximum use. Alexis Sanchez great free kick, the ball Kasiljas rejected, but she reached Aranguiz, who shot a fantastic boost for the South American Selection 2-0 against reigning world champion.

Del Bosque on the half put the game Koke replacing Xabi Alonso, after which Spain went on full offensive. “Red” could easily get back into the match in the first ten minutes of the second half, but Diego Costa and Buskets are adopting from ideal positions in the box.

Inability of the Spaniards grew more than one minute, and Del Bosque regardless of the fact that he had nothing to lose, with the entry of a Torres withdrew Diego Costa, not opting for total offensive. Chile in the 68th minute could resolve all dilemmas, but Isla just a few meters bevel instead of the empty net, lifted the ball over the crossbar. Instead of the penalty area Chile, chances are streak before Kasiljas shot, but it became clear that Spain would not force a comeback, so elected del Bosque absolutely deserved diminished to return to their homeland, after you play a match with Australia, which will I solved the issue for the winner of the third place in Group B.

No drop six minutes overtime meant too much for the Spanish national team, Ramos missed a great opportunity to get in at least uncertain finish, so Chile’s absolutely deserved to get his second win to secure placement in eightfinals. The Chileans now all they battle with the Netherlands for first place in the group, which will also mean avoiding Brazil as a rival at the start of the second stage of the world championship.

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