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PostHeaderIcon Animosity Between Ronaldo & Romario Continues


Past differences between Brazilian soccer legends Ronaldo and Romario have been well documented, but it seems that their enmity has now reached a new level.

Former World Champion, turned law-maker, Romario took to his social media accounts recently to accuse his compatriot of breaking his promises to provide free tickets for handicapped soccer fans.

Romario posted a picture from 2011 which shows him and Ronaldo in a press conference where the Brazilian football Confederation (CBF) promised 32,000 free tickets (roughly 500 per match) for disabled fans. The caption read: “This picture was taken in 2011, when Ronaldo publicly promised the entries of people with disabilities. And so far nothing!”

“It’s lamentable to see Romario once again coming out to publicly say that I’m responsible for things that are out of my hands,” responded Ronaldo from his official Facebook account. “Opportunism or ignorance, I don’t know. What I do know is that instead of wasting time and energy trying to disparage me, the congressman should dedicate himself to challenging the right people/institutions. We would all benefit from that.”
Ronaldo went on to explain that he had attended the conference to offer his support for the cause, just like Romario.

“I’m anxiously waiting for answers, like everybody else. If you need my support, please at least be more polite next time.”

Since taking office in 2010, Romario has been very outspoken in his criticism against World Cup authorities and FIFA’s influence in Brazilian government. He has also become a strong advocate for the rights of disabled citizens. He has also been very vocal in his disapproval of Ronaldo being part of the local organizing committee despite the former players’ assurances that he is a volunteer in organization and does not receive any form of salary.

The Brazilian football federation could not be contacted for comments regarding the dispute.

As reported by an online sportsbook Brazil and Argentina will do well in the world cup for the simple reason that they have always home soil advantage and climate.

PostHeaderIcon Protests In Brazil Continue

As the Brazilian government rushes to finish its 12 stadiums in time for the World Cup, civil unrest within the country continues to grow. 150 protesters showed up on Wednesday in Rio de Janeiro to peacefully denounce the amount public spending for the event which they deem as excessive.

When it was announced that Brazil would be hosting this World Cup back in 2007, the countries’ politicians promised that $8 billion would be spent on 56 airports, subway lines and other projects of national interest, in addition to $3.5 billion for construction or renovation of the stadiums. Now, with the competition three months away, only 9 of the stadiums are completed and only 7 of the infrastructure projects have been carried out.

Tempers began to flare as it became apparent that the most of the projects would not be carried it, and it wasn’t long before the protests began. Wednesdays’ march saw protesters holding up signs saying “There won’t be a cup”, “F*** Off FIFA”, and attacks against famous players Pelé and Ronaldo.

It remains to be seen whether or not these manifestations will have any real effect once the World Cup begins. Aldo Rebelo, Brazil’s Sports Minister, has insisted that “the World Cup in Brazil will be the safest in history”.

As reported by an online sportsbook Brazil will start as hot favorites.

PostHeaderIcon Brazil Invigorated After Victory In Friendly Game

The Selecao proved today that they have not been resting on their laurels during their time off the tournament games. The Brazilian team defeated South Africa in whopping 5-0 match. This friendly game was their first since November of last year, given that they are exempt from all tournament matches as the hosts for the World Cup.

Head coach Luiz Felipe Scolari expressed his satisfaction with the performances of players Fernandinho and Rafinha.

“Fernandinho scored a great goal, but it was not only this that I liked but also his participation with good passes,” Scolari beamed. “Did you see Fernandinho with Luiz Gustavo in the second half? He knows his positioning; he played well in all positions.”

The coach also had high praise for the right-back, “I liked what I saw of Rafinha. He made it simple and was very balanced.”

This game also served to dispel any doubts that fans might have had about the departure of Diego Costa. Costa recently relocated to Spain and will be representing the Spanish team in upcoming games.

“(Diego Costa) is a good player, we would like to have him but we are not going to be crying and say how we miss him,” commented Carlos Alberto Parreira, Brazil´s technical director. “There is life after him.”

Brazil has won the last five games that they have played and made their last victory seem effortless. But will they fare similarly once the World Cup begins? The Selecao will be facing Croatia, Cameroon, and Mexico on the group stage, a tough lineup by any standards. Scolari is confident that they will.

“We are playing at home, we have the fans on our side and a team which is competitive and has a lot of quality,” Scolari said. “We have everything that allows us to be the best team. That’s why I fully trust that we can make it to the final and be the champion.”

As reported by an online sportsbook we believe that ENgland will do well in the world cup for the simple reason that they have always done well in South America.

Brazil will play Panama and Serbia next before venturing into the World Cup.



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